Faq’s Faq's

What window brands do you use?

We don’t tie ourselves to any brand.

However, we do recommend Windsor.

Windsor provides many high-quality options at an affordable price.

I have rotten window trim. What do you recommend?

It depends. Sometimes it makes sense to replace an entire window unit or two.

Other times we can still replace the window using a sash replacement kit.

We can also replace individual pieces of the window trim separately using PVC parts.

Will my windows need to be painted?

PVC WINDOWS: They do not need paint, but they can be if it’s your desire.Other times we can still replace the window using a sash replacement kit.

WOOD WINDOWS: They typically come primed but will need to be painted.

ALUMINUM-CLAD WINDOWS: They never need to be painted on the outside. On the inside, they can be painted white at the factory. You also can have them painted (or stained) to match different trim colors after installation.

Do you paint?

We have a network of professional painters and coordinate our projects together.

If it’s a small amount of painting, we can handle it ourselves.

Are sash replacement kits energy efficient?

Yes, the sash replacement method provides the same energy efficiency as the other methods.

What are my options for window materials? What are the pros and cons of each?

We recommend one of three options: PVC, WOOD or ALUMINUM CLAD.

PVC WINDOW SASHES: These sashes have a look and feel of wood. They do not require painting and won’t rot. They can be painted if desired. Their price is comparable to wood.

WOOD WINDOW SASHES: These sashes are classic and energy-efficient. However, they are susceptible to rot and require the maintenance of regular painting.

ALUMINUM-CLAD WINDOW SASHES: These sashes are the best of both worlds. This hybrid window has wood sashes with a thick layer of aluminum on the exterior. The aluminum cladding comes in a variety of colors. It won’t rot or rust. It also does not need to be painted.

Are sash replacement kits double-paned? Do they have low E glass?

Yes and yes.

The window sashes are double-paned and filled with argon.

Low E glass is standard but not required (ex. If you wanted to match older windows).

Low E glass has a thin coating that reduces UV light that comes through the window.

This benefit protects your flooring and furniture from fading. It’s also more energy-efficient.

How long does it take to install window sashes?

This depends on your home, however, we can typically complete an entire home in three days.

During those three days, your home won’t turn into a big construction site.

The installation process is simple and noninvasive.

Will my new windows tilt out for easy cleaning?